What’s Missing?

May 1, 2009 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

dsc000091 I only picked a bunch of spinach and have a lot still  growing. As I made this salad the other  night, I had  to ask, “what’s missing”? Mushrooms would have  been good, but not sure how to properly grow table  mushrooms. I’d probably end up eating todstools.  But wouldn’t feta cheese be delicious?!? 

I’m missing a goat! This blog explores an angle of micro-farming/gardening for the poor or suburban person who has limited cultivation space and/or land (less than a quarter-acre).  In suburban backyards you may find some room for “pets”. I already have four rabbits with a hen on the way. Even if I had my own 5 acres outside the Bay Area, I’d be hardpressed to feed a cow or any large animal from the produce of the land. I’d want some grazing range.


sooo CUTE! must have a mini-goat!

sooo CUTE! must have a mini-goat!

A person who lacks land ought consider mini-breeds. I’d love a goat. Goat milk is sweet and the cheese is good (though not an easy process). But even a normal goat is a bit big for my intentions. I am now looking into mini-goats. Mini’s are abut 2/3rds the size of norms. Goats in general are very hard to milk and require stockades to lock them down. (you can build a quick and easy one from two shipping crates). Even then they kick, and they must be ‘broken into’ daily milking. Also the teat is relatively short and hard to handle compared to a cow. I imagine dwarf goats are more difficult than their regular-size counterparts though there are some breeds less aggressive than others. I plan to look into the matter, and suggest a similar investigation for anyone else considering a milk animal on a small plot of land. There are dwarf breeders in northern CA. Will keep you posted.


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