Dream House

May 4, 2009 at 4:21 pm (Uncategorized)

glass houseWhile driving from Concord to Castro Valley, I spotted this charming farm house near route 580. It so happened the house is owned by the San Ramon park district, and they were holding a farmer’s market. The Boone Family farm is a 16-acre lot with a mini-farm, dating back to the 1860’s. You can pick up free compost (not as good as my bunny soil), visit their chicken and lamb farm, and tour the historic buildings on site. If I were to own property outside the bay area, I’d certainly shop for a run-down version of the Boone farm and fix it up. Victorian only! Oak creek has been restored with pedestrian bridges and gardens. Very beautiful.


farmers market  What passed through my mind as I visited was  the tragic loss of historical memory and sites  such as the Boone Farm. The East Bay (only a  generation ago) was primarily agricultural. We  developed so fast due to Silicon VAlley, we have  missed the forrest for the trees, and generally recognize the need for open land, agriculture, and historic buildings after they are lost to strip malls and chains. Development should keep history and community in mind, and I think small-scale development tends to be more sensitive and have less negative impact than mass. I am for strict limits on development and urban growth. As a ‘traditionalist’,  I  have a backwards view of development, rather desiring stasis than change as well as a healthy suspicion of the “big” or “impersonal”. 

end of marketThe Farmer’s market was also quaint. I caught San Ramon’s first market of the season, and while I was there I was handed a bullentin of other local markets and eco/sustainable gardening activities. Something that caught my eye were the vermiculture and backyard chicken classes scheduled for July. I bought an avacado which I intend to plant.


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