What a Difference Rain makes

May 6, 2009 at 4:25 pm (Vegetables)


good morning garden

good morning garden

We had four days of rain in the Bay Area this week. There is nothing like rain for a garden! Rain contains natural nutrients that plants do not get from house water.  After each rain I notice my plants growing by leaps and bounds within 24  hrs! It’s such a powerful spurr to growth. A lot of my spinach has yet to bolt and is still growing, almost two feet high! The Broccoli leaves are getting as big as sycamore tree foliage! And the pumpkin plants are catching up with my tomato. All this compared to two weeks worth of daily watering from the hose. Such a difference! 


dsc000331I am doing so  good on this side of the lawn, I think I will franchise on the other. Yesterday I planted some corn seedlings (12), and have another 15 to find locations for. I am starting to run out of space and have to plan things better.  I have seedlings budding while my spinach is still growing, so there is a bit of an unevenness to all  this. What I am picking up is a ‘feel’ for spacing between plants, how big they get, and how slow or fast they grow. As I learn this, I  can plan better in the future. Right now, no sweet. If anything I have too much inventory and have a backlog. Earlier, I feared the opposite. What I am lacking now is cultivation space, and I have a fly problem– not from the bunnies but from the cat who is scatting on the roof. Powerwash and litterbox time. Bad kitty! (though she has kept the mice/rats away from hay and the property).

Another thing I am learning is one must constantly figure out how to yoke nature and make tending of plants easier/time-efficient. The farm/garden is really a man-regulated ecosystem given to us by God. Oh yeah, “thank you Lord for the rain”!


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