Boy Bunny!

May 24, 2009 at 4:22 am (Bunnies!)

DSC00047 My boy-bunny is tickled pink. I put a  sister bunny  back into his pen, well within her cage.  He loves  girls! And can’t keep his nose out of her  cage. I am  happy becuase having a female bunny  nearby keeps  his life interesting, and he needs the  activity.  Bunnies are somewhat boring pets, mostly  eating  and sleeping and running from you when you  try to  grab them. They get into most their deviltry during the night while you’re asleep.

hurt nose!

hurt nose!

Anyway, my boy-bunny is happy he’s got some company. He loves sniffing her cage and scenting it with the side of his mouth. He does it so much his nose rubs pink and looks kind of raw. If he keeps doing this I am going to have to put him back in his cage! Since I am a dude and my boy bunny is a guy, I kind of play favorites between he and the girls. I let him run around a lot, but if he keeps being dumb and hurts himself, I will have to say, “Boy Bunny! No!” and put him in lockdown until he cools off! Yikes.


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