All Healed…

June 27, 2009 at 2:49 am (Bunnies!)

DSC00089 My boy bunny got in real trouble today. I  was switching him from one pen to another,  he dashed between my legs, got out the gate,  ran into the girl bunny pen, and he and the  girl-brown bunny ran into a hole together.  This was all in a flash. I was letting the girl bunnies borough because on hot summer days, they can retreat into a hole and stay cool.

DSC00069Well, this hole was real deep,  and I couldn’t pull the boy bunny out. All I  could hear were weird bunny sounds. So I took a shovel and started breaking the tunnel apart. I found both brown-girl and boy bunny in at the end of the hole. They were separate but about five minutes had expired. I don’t know what happened, but bunnies can do a lot in a mere 10 secs! I may be a grandpa…  The good news: my boy-bunny’s nose is all healed.


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