July 2, 2009 at 5:31 pm (Vegetables)

DSC00071 I harvested my row of Broccoli last week. It was  kind of disappointing. Out of fifteen, I only had  three with large heads. The rest grew to only bite-  size proportions. Alotogether I had perhaps as  much as two family servings of broccoli. I expected  more. I suspect the problem was hard soil and late  transplanting. Now I am discovering after H2O,  good and loose soil is most important. You must till your soil if hard clay. As you water clay conditions will return unless tilling between harvests. The broccoli took twice as long to grow as spinach, is a bigger plant, but does not yield the same in my opinion. I am use to large broccoli heads in supermarkets. These were big enough plants, but tiny heads.

DSC00086 When to pick broccoli? If you wait too long the heads will start to flower. When heads flower, they begin to turn purple. Once you see a purple tinge, pick! If they flower too much, the plant will then taste slightly bitter. My bunnies love broccoli whether flowered or not. It’s hard to see the brown bunny in this pix, but she’s there. You might be able to discern her ears. Good camo!


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