A Good Friend Missed

July 17, 2009 at 5:15 pm (Bunnies!)

DSC00078 Last week I found my boy bunny dead in his  pen. Evidently a racoon gorred him in the  middle of the night. It was  very sad and a  real bummer. Boy bunny was  the most  friendly animal, and perhaps this was his undoing. When I walked up to his pen, he’d come dashingt to me hoping I had walnut or fruit snacks. Everyday while I garden he’d keep my company, and I’d talk to him. He’d watch me from behind the fence, and I’d throw him snacks (leaves, stems, etc..). He even let me pet him while my three girl bunnies just run. After this coon attack, I now gather my bunnies up every night and put them in their cages, and their cages are now in the garage.

DSC00079Coons can reach through cage wire and will still tear apart their victims. Coons can also dig under fences, climb over, etc. If you have a chicken coop, you actually need to fully fence (top and bottom) you chickens in, and a concrete or 2′ rock foundation/barrier is suggested. Coons are notorious carnivores on small farm animals, and will eat kittens and bunnies if hungry enough. They prefer fowl however. This has kind of put a halt to my purchase of further livestock given I have no defense at this moment. Friends have suggested electric fences or a dog. Not sure yet. Coons are very rare where I live, but in summer when water is low and hungry, they will travel just like any other animal.

This was my last picture of him.

This was my last picture of him.

The boy bunny might not be the last. My brown bunny (girl) had a 5 or 10 minute rendevuous with him about two weeks ago, and now she’s fatter than ever. I think she’s pregnant! If any girl bunny was pregnant she’s the best. She’s the most healthy and calmest. Bunnies are so dumb, they are known to trample their babies if not careful. Also, their babies grow up real fast– one month. If you like pets, I recommend male bunnies as the male is more outgoing and less likely to dig holes or escape pens.  My bunnies are straight-ear cotton tails. . Anyway, I miss my boy-bunny.  Good bye…



  1. Monika said,

    RIP male bunny. Hope your sons carry on your fine personality!

    • chapelmouse said,

      Thank you Monika. He was a special bunny, and I am hoping he’ll have a son-bunny. Thank you for keeping boy bunny’s memory alive 🙂 If brown-girl bunny is pregnant (she’s very heavy lately), I promise to post the baby bunny pictures!

  2. Stripe said,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your bunny (followed link from Meetup). Umm, if you’re in Fremont, coons are really common. They’re nuisances all over the Bay Area. I didn’t know they’d attack through cages though. Just last night I was thinking about letting my bun stay out in the yard since he seemed so happy and it was a nice night!

    Thanks very much for posting – and can’t wait to see the baby bun pics!

  3. Richard said,

    I am sorry about your Bunny. I have to kill an number of Raccoons every year. I have lost my share of ducks and chickens.

    Do you have a nest box for Girl Bunny? they help. I used to have Californian rabbits. May again one say.

    • chapelmouse said,

      Dear Richard, when you’re doing real farming, it’s a war with nature. Not only racoons but insects. I find in my garden I have to constantly think of ways to balance the ecosystem without impacting “harvest”. Thanks for linking Anglican Rose to your site! I really like decentralized distributivism and agrarianism as a basis for political economy. It helps you understand and unlock much bible language.

  4. chapelmouse said,

    Thank you all. The brown-girl bunny is not pregnant. She’s just fat. 🙂

    The bunny loss has knocked some of the wind out of gardening. I’ve been riding what I’ve planted. Tons of tomatoes, some corn, and zucchini. I need to plant some rows of spinach, beets, and kale. Thanks for posting! I still don’t have an answer for racoons. I think they (it) got my corn stalks the other night too.

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