Beets, beets, and more beets

September 7, 2009 at 12:01 am (Vegetables)

B0105I have a ton of garden pixs I have yet to post on this site. Hopefully I can catch up over the next two weeks. But I wanted to share some picutres of my first beat harvest. Like the spinach, I first planted these in containers and then transfered to  the garden. This was very labor intensive, and since then I’ve planted a second beat crop, and learning from mistakes, I wisely broadcasted my seed. This skips a very labor intensive step, saving much time with fine results. I would only recommend germinating seed in containers if prize or expensive flowers and something much more delicate than beats or spinach. As it is both spinach and beats are closely related seed, and they are very easy to grow with high nutrition. As always replenish your soil. Dark Greens suck up lots of nitrogen, and my soil restoerer, naturally, is table scrap, lawn clippings, and bunny mix! Go bunnies!

beatsMeanwhile, the beats were great. I prefer them to spinach, but you get five times the spinach seed per package unlike beat. Beats have the benefit of a tasty root along with succilent leaves and steams. They are like ‘bonus’ spinach plants, tasting the same. They only problem with this batch was I did not know the prime picking time. I alloweed them to grow in their beds for too long. And while they fallowed, an aphid population began to boom.

B104This didn’t ruin too much.  Aphids like to suck the juices of the plant from underneath the leaf, so they are not readily apparent. It’s a slow death, and you can wash them off. The key to deter aphid population growth is to pick early, limiting their food supply. After cropping both spinach and beats, I realize as soon as teh leaves turn a dark green, it’s time to pick! Don’t wait because the plants don’t get bigger and greener. If they fallow too long they will begin to seed and turn yellow, the tips of the leaves curling and drying up. When aphids attack, the leaves also will curly up as in the left-hand pix.

God Bless!


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