Corn on the Cobb

September 17, 2009 at 7:29 pm (Vegetables)

DSC00130Unfortunately my garden produced really anemic corn. I had two problems, and these can be kept in mind when growing corn yourself. First, I have hard clay soil, and did not prepare it properly. Rather than digging up an entire radius of ground, I dug out a small hole and planted the corn seed. Any serious planting needs proper preparation of soil which means full tilling plus (re)fertilization. Second, corn is fertilized by wind not pollen. In order to optimize corn kernals you need to plant lots of rows with corn fairly close to one another.

bunny wants butter with corn

bunny wants butter with corn

What I planted was mostly for aesthetic value. Each corn stalk produced two to three ears. But the ears, once peeled back, had scattered kernals indicating uneven fertilization. Between my few (14) stalks, I had one good ear of corn. Corn ears varied in size from very small to medium, and my guess this is lack of proper nutrition. My stalks also tended to be stunted, and this is due to a plant which becomes more or less pot-bound in hard clay soil. In the end the ears made good snacks for my bunnies. Corn along with sunflowers are very pleasing to the eye. I will grow more, but next time they will be in tighter rows  🙂


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