Did You Know?

September 26, 2009 at 2:34 pm (Bunnies!)

DSC00114Every morning I let my bunnies out of their cages. I keep them in cages over night to protect them from racoons. I then usually do some morning garden work, and lately I’ve been thinning my plantings. As I pluck seedlings from the earth, I like to give these scraps to the bunnies. They make good treats. Anyhow, I notice early morning the bunnies have a routine. First, they bounce around, chasing one another. This lasts about 20 minutes or so before they tire. Then they kind of sniff around looking for food. After they get a little in the bellies, they then begin to preen one another. Here are some pictures of my bunnies (I have three) grooming one another.

DSC00119I really didn’t realize bunnies were so social. I considered them a little smarter than lizards. But bunnies definately have emotions and affectionate ties. Though these bunnies run from me and are not too friendly (only curious), they do enjoy being outside their cages and being in proximity, playing, and being companions between themselves. I consider grooming very much a clear social quality. I really had a low view of bunnies, but now I give them much more credit. Bunnies are very peaceful animals, and they have no predatory instinct. They are simply curious animals who like to snack, sleep, and play.


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