Last Pickings

September 26, 2009 at 3:19 pm (Vegetables)

DSC00156Enough pictures of tiny, lonely fruit! Aside from spinach and beets, the rest of my plantings were not very bountiful. I hastily planted squash and corn in rather hard soil, and I believe they were nutrient starved. I have since improved soil conditions, and have a real bumper crop coming soon! Meanwhile, here are some interesting pixs of miscellaneous growings.

DSC00140Green squash flowers are a bit smaller but otherwise are identical to pumpkin flowers. Likewise every morning they would open up to the cool air and close by the time the sunlight directly hit them. My squash, as you can see in the picture, tended to be small and the skins were tough. Fairly disappointing like my corn. I also grew some cantelope, and none of them were as big or as sweet as what is sold in the store. All the above took a lot of water and did not fair well in the hot sun. They also were all vine plants and work better on a small, backyard lot if grown along a wire fence or similar support frame. I will not grow these seeds again.

DSC00143Upcoming: back to basics! More on soil and irrigation. I am still catching up on this journal, and pictures are taken daily. My garden right now is growing like crazy with green veggies, and this time I prepped the soil properly. But there are always bottlenecks as I can see this second harvest coming and the need for getting ready for a third.  Another bummer crop: snow peas. Grow better in wet, coastal climates where weather is cooler. But the peas tasted great, and were nice snacks for bunnies and while I worked in the garden.


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