Summer Staples

August 10, 2010 at 2:40 pm (Uncategorized)

tomatoes and kale

This time of year can be difficult to keep up with harvests. Tomatoes are everywhere falling off the vine, and so many have been picked each day that it’s hard to keep up cooking them. Kale is more kind. Both kale and collards age slowly, and the plants continue producing leaves after cuttings. Kale and collards are very hardy, and, unlike fruit and beats, you can take your time harvesting. Given their leaves and texture are very much alike, the plants must be near kin. Even better, they compliment each other nutrition-wise. While generous in iron and C, kale is a rich source of  vitamin A while collards have more B12. Topmatoes and kale have become my summer staple, and in CA I expect these plants to continue producing until November.

While kale will grow all summer and fall, I have pulled up my beat rows and will probably remove and turn over some of the older kale. Last week I planted jack O latern seeds with the expectation of All Hallows Eve arriving in two-and-one-half months. If the pumpkins don’t ripen by then, they will make great Thanksgiving squash. Also planted are more beats, brussel sprouts, collards, a couple rows of corn (which are coming up nicely), and chard. The radio said chard, like collards, has high germination rates. This means you can trust the seeds to sprout.

My father recently fell and broke his neck. Many prayers have been offered, and the Lord has been kind. My dad seems to be recovering well in the hospital. Please keep James Bartlett in your prayers. Our family hopes to have my father, Jim, back for the holidays. Though Amanda and I are not married (Aug. 14th is the ceremony), and, of course, we have no pregnancy, we hope my dad is with us to see his first grandchild. My father is 93-yrs old.  Praise God.


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