Baby Abigail

October 23, 2011 at 1:36 pm (Genealogy/Family)

Abigail Bartlett

Abigail Joan Bartlett was born 4:22 AM, Oct. 1xth 2011. Amanda’s water broke at 8:30 pm the previous day as we were getting ready to go to bed. We rushed to the hospital. Abigail is our first child. We discovered her sex five months earlier. My mother’s name is “Gail”, but otherwise we have no “Abigail’s” in our family. “Jxxx” was the same middle name as Amanda’s aunt. Our golden rule with names was to avoid colors, seasons, and flowers. We wanted Abby to be named after either a biblical or royal figure, and come to think of it most names historically derive from such? I guess in picking a name for Abby before her birth, one might say we ‘knew’ her before she actually came to us.

tired mommy

Amanda was really scared about the labor, and we ended up taking an epidural to prevent fatigue. Amanda’s parents were also there to help her through the labor pains. But the push-phase of the birth came quickly. The county hospital had several babies being born the same hour, and the doctor was away during Amanda’s delivery. Abigail ”crowned” in a half-dozen pushes, and before we knew it she was born. The push phase was fairly fast, about 15min. This is far too much detail, but I was present at the delivery, comforting Amanda, helping with the birth itself, and cutting the umbilical cord. I am actually so happy not to have missed Abigail’s actual birth. When she came it was such a miracle. We couldn’t believe she was alive, and we were so overjoyed to know she came to us healthy. As Abigail was handed to Amanda, Amanda asked, “is that my baby?” We were all in tears. It was so amazing, and I wouldn’t have missed Abigail’s birth for all the world.

nursery check up

Abigail was weighed and cleaned up. She was 6lbs and 18.5 inches. A small baby but in our estimation the most beautiful child we ever saw. She stole our heart. Amanda and I spent the next two days in the hospital room, and at the county they let the baby nurse with the parents, only occasionally removing her to test blood and weigh. I slept in a chair at Amanda’s bedside. We were exhausted, but every time we held Abigail it was like our energy came streaming back. We saw a number of doctors, and the lactation nurse(s) were especially helpful. On the second day family came to visit. My brother and mother got to hold Abigail, and this has been very important for us given the passing of close relatives of late. All was good, and we finally were able to take Abby home.

a little shut eye

Amanda and I have been preparing our apartment for Abigail for some time. We put Abigail in the crib and watched her sleep. This last week we’ve been up every hour feeding our baby, and I’m so thankful work and finances has been flexible with me this year. Amanda has over three months off and won’t return to her security job until the end of January. Meanwhile, we hope to get Abigail’s weight up. As of Oct. 20th Abigail weighed 5lb 11 ounces.

getting dressed

Every time she moves, opens her eyes, smiles, or puckers we just melt. I guess we are your typical parents. We are looking forward to help Abigail grow into a charitable and faithful woman. Abigail is taken from the Hebrew, “Abi” being Father, and “Gail” being “joy”. Abigail is indeed her father’s joy, and every day with our first born is so incredible. We don’t even miss the sleep.

We are so blessed. God has been good in answering prayer. Praise the Lord! Amanda and I thank all our family and friends– especially our parish church and local clergy– who likewise prayed and supported us.  These saintly petitions passed us through the sore spots, and we can now add a beautiful little girl to our household. We hope she grows into a kind, generous soul. Thank you.

my lovely wifey



  1. Victoria and Kenneth said,

    Dear Charles,

    We are delighted to hear about the new addition to the Bartlett family. So glad mom and baby are healthy. We have been considering starting an Anglican Prayer group here in our corner of the Ozarks. We take inspiration from your pursuits, and are glad we had occasion to meet in faith together with you when we lived nearby.

    Victoria and Kenneth

    • Charles said,

      Thank you so much, Ken and Victoria. It’s great to hear from you both. I really appreciate the books sent, especially John Wickey’s Myth of American Freedom. His last two chapters exegete 1 Sam 8 in a very plain yet helpful way. It’s actually the best apology I’ve read on passive obedience and non-resistance. I hope to write soon.

      Amanda and I have been splitting shifts with the baby. I have part of graveyard, 3am-9am, and we’re trying to fatten up little Abigail. She was a bit low in birth weight, but she’s catching up fine.

      As always, best wishes to your family. Anglican-prayer is a work in progress, but here is the current form, St. Martha’s. I’m trying to switch to a website rather than blog format. In time, we hope to move to Maine, and the website allows putting the blog on a back burner while we slowly embark upon the transition with at least a couple year pit stop in Pacific Grove/Monterey Bay.

      Sincerely, Charles

  2. Charles said,

    Daddy doing graveyard. Happy Halloween, Abigail. This was two and 1/2 weeks after her natural birth.Hungry Pumpkin-Baby

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