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September 1, 2013 at 3:27 pm (Genealogy/Family)

Eddie's face w/ hand above

4-D Image of Edie (face w/ hands)

In two weeks we’re expecting our second daughter! We’ve named her Edith (nickname “Edie”) after my grandmother, “Editha Shields”. Edith is an old English name, and it had some popularity in the Victorian period as well as currency during early Tudor England. “Editha” is the Germanized verion of the name since my mother’s side were south Germans.

In her advance age, Editha (maiden- Birk) Shields lived with my parents, but she did a lot to raise my brother and I while children. She loved babies and spoke German to us as kids. We picked up very little, but we remember her German Christmas carols and rhymes. She was a Lutheran of simple faith, keeping small prayer books and decorated bibles in the pocket her sweater and on her bedside stand. Her family came to America at the turn of the century, settling in Washington state while a wild territory, even trading with Indians on Puget Sound.

Our sister-in-law, Rosemary Bartlett, is also expecting on the same date as my wife(!). Incredibly, it’s a girl, but we don’t know what my brother will name their daughter. He’s thinking about calling his first girl “Eva”. Eva was Editha Birk’s sister… Eva was younger than grandma, so it makes sense.

I think pre-natal names are important because they imply a ‘knowledge’ or plan before the natural birth. With pre-natal names I can say, in a sense, “I knew you while in the womb…(even) I knew you before your your conception.” The name is a powerful idea since it conveys a personal knowledge of a person. Names not only denote where we come from, but even our personality. They are intimate and collective at once?

A wonderful aspect to all this baby stuff is my mother will soon have three grandchildren. The other day, as we went ‘out’ for breakfast, we were joking about this sudden spurt of growth in our family. We ordered a table for ‘six’, but realized we may soon order space for ‘eight’, maybe ‘ten’, if our family continues growing at this pace. Of course, we’re counting chickens before they hatch, and we know there’s so much more to *worry* and pray about. We hope both Rosemary and Amanda have deliveries that are safe, uncomplicated, and their issue healthy.


Fr. Ates (APA) blessing our family

I think we prayed more in our last pregnancy… But Amanda had more ‘in utero’ blessings with this one. Every Sunday Edie was blessed by our rector, and whenever we went out of town we found a priest to bless our family and coming child.

We normally attend an Independent Anglican church in Los Altos, but during the year we occasion other Anglican churches, mostly in the Sierra foothills (north of Sacramento) or near Vacaville (my brother’s locale). All of these churches have either been part, or now are, ACA or APA. Among the ‘broad’ Anglican churhces, the ACA/APA churches are favorites, and more than one have been small missions conducted in people’s homes. Needless to say, we like the intimacy of home churches and family chapels. We’re going to need these blessings and prayer because our pediatrician warned us the baby may birthe early.  The upside is we already have our first-year baby supplies– mostly kicked down from Abby.

My wife and I are not sure how we’re going to do ‘it’. Kids are a ton of work, and Abby is especially active. The way Edie moves about in Amanda’s tummy already indicates she’ll be a firecracker. I keep joking the Bartlett’s are gonna have a Daisy Scout Patrol! If we can get through the first four months, I think we’ll be ‘ok’. Abby is getting older day by day, and we see her personality emerge as she learns to communicate and play. She is a determined child! We are very blessed, and please pray for healthy Babies and Mommies coming back to the Bartlett home this Fall.

Thirty-Two Weeks

Thirty-Two Weeks

We’re waiting for you, Edie… and you too Eva!


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