Little Edie

November 28, 2013 at 11:33 pm (Genealogy/Family)


Edith Bartlett born 7:11 am

Our house was blessed with the happy delivery of Edith Bartlett, born early October  2013. With the addition of a second baby, our family has been pretty busy, so the update has been long-coming. Nonetheless, Edith was born in perfect health and with a strong appetite. Compared to our first born, Abby, she’s a big eater. Edith’s birth weight was right in the ‘middle’, about 7lbs 12oz. She was almost 20″, and within her first two weeks quickly regained lost weight. Edie is quite the butter-ball.

SAM_1548With two children there’s a really feeling of us being a family though life is a lot more hectic at home, and sometimes we enjoy a symphony of wailing. Abby is very curious about her sister and sometimes jealous. This jealousy basically amounts to Abby wanting the same things Edith has, so it can be something of a regression– wanting to return to liquid food and crib, etc.. But we also know how happy Abby will be when her sister is a bit more durable and able to sit or stand up to play. Already Edith is smiling, spending more time awake, and sleeping longer during the night.

SAM_1555My wife, Amanda, has casually questioned the benefit of a third child, but I think this mild consternation is perfectly natural as one passes through the trauma of the infant-care in the first month or so. As things settle, we expect to enjoy the growth of our two little girls into a magical childhood, and I can’t wait to start talking to Abby in English as she’s currently on the cusp of conversation. We are slowly getting our ‘system’ together. For the first three months Amanda and I have divided the care of the two kids between her and myself. Abby and I have been going to the park a lot and spending some time outdoors despite the early evenings as winter approaches.


Most pleased is my mother, Gail. Two weeks prior to Edie’s birth, our sister-in-law, Rosemary, delivered her little girl, Mary Bartlett (also of amazing health). My mother now has three granddaughters, and they all came rather fast. When it rains, it pours. As our family has grown smaller in the last few years, we are finally looking forward to replenishing our dwindling numbers, especially on the Holidays.  We are in great expectation of future get-togethers when our children can decorate Grandma’s door with tiny sequels and giggles of busy-play.

Mommy had the closest thing to a natural birth as the sedative was very weak and basically wore off by the time the baby arrived. She suffered only a single stitch and made a strong recovery. These were answered prayers, for sure. We have two beautiful daughters, by God’s mercy, and we hope someday they will make wonderful Christian wives and dutiful Anglican parents, each in their own time.



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