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September 26, 2009 at 2:34 pm (Bunnies!)

DSC00114Every morning I let my bunnies out of their cages. I keep them in cages over night to protect them from racoons. I then usually do some morning garden work, and lately I’ve been thinning my plantings. As I pluck seedlings from the earth, I like to give these scraps to the bunnies. They make good treats. Anyhow, I notice early morning the bunnies have a routine. First, they bounce around, chasing one another. This lasts about 20 minutes or so before they tire. Then they kind of sniff around looking for food. After they get a little in the bellies, they then begin to preen one another. Here are some pictures of my bunnies (I have three) grooming one another.

DSC00119I really didn’t realize bunnies were so social. I considered them a little smarter than lizards. But bunnies definately have emotions and affectionate ties. Though these bunnies run from me and are not too friendly (only curious), they do enjoy being outside their cages and being in proximity, playing, and being companions between themselves. I consider grooming very much a clear social quality. I really had a low view of bunnies, but now I give them much more credit. Bunnies are very peaceful animals, and they have no predatory instinct. They are simply curious animals who like to snack, sleep, and play.


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A Good Friend Missed

July 17, 2009 at 5:15 pm (Bunnies!)

DSC00078 Last week I found my boy bunny dead in his  pen. Evidently a racoon gorred him in the  middle of the night. It was  very sad and a  real bummer. Boy bunny was  the most  friendly animal, and perhaps this was his undoing. When I walked up to his pen, he’d come dashingt to me hoping I had walnut or fruit snacks. Everyday while I garden he’d keep my company, and I’d talk to him. He’d watch me from behind the fence, and I’d throw him snacks (leaves, stems, etc..). He even let me pet him while my three girl bunnies just run. After this coon attack, I now gather my bunnies up every night and put them in their cages, and their cages are now in the garage.

DSC00079Coons can reach through cage wire and will still tear apart their victims. Coons can also dig under fences, climb over, etc. If you have a chicken coop, you actually need to fully fence (top and bottom) you chickens in, and a concrete or 2′ rock foundation/barrier is suggested. Coons are notorious carnivores on small farm animals, and will eat kittens and bunnies if hungry enough. They prefer fowl however. This has kind of put a halt to my purchase of further livestock given I have no defense at this moment. Friends have suggested electric fences or a dog. Not sure yet. Coons are very rare where I live, but in summer when water is low and hungry, they will travel just like any other animal.

This was my last picture of him.

This was my last picture of him.

The boy bunny might not be the last. My brown bunny (girl) had a 5 or 10 minute rendevuous with him about two weeks ago, and now she’s fatter than ever. I think she’s pregnant! If any girl bunny was pregnant she’s the best. She’s the most healthy and calmest. Bunnies are so dumb, they are known to trample their babies if not careful. Also, their babies grow up real fast– one month. If you like pets, I recommend male bunnies as the male is more outgoing and less likely to dig holes or escape pens.  My bunnies are straight-ear cotton tails. . Anyway, I miss my boy-bunny.  Good bye…

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All Healed…

June 27, 2009 at 2:49 am (Bunnies!)

DSC00089 My boy bunny got in real trouble today. I  was switching him from one pen to another,  he dashed between my legs, got out the gate,  ran into the girl bunny pen, and he and the  girl-brown bunny ran into a hole together.  This was all in a flash. I was letting the girl bunnies borough because on hot summer days, they can retreat into a hole and stay cool.

DSC00069Well, this hole was real deep,  and I couldn’t pull the boy bunny out. All I  could hear were weird bunny sounds. So I took a shovel and started breaking the tunnel apart. I found both brown-girl and boy bunny in at the end of the hole. They were separate but about five minutes had expired. I don’t know what happened, but bunnies can do a lot in a mere 10 secs! I may be a grandpa…  The good news: my boy-bunny’s nose is all healed.

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Boy Bunny!

May 24, 2009 at 4:22 am (Bunnies!)

DSC00047 My boy-bunny is tickled pink. I put a  sister bunny  back into his pen, well within her cage.  He loves  girls! And can’t keep his nose out of her  cage. I am  happy becuase having a female bunny  nearby keeps  his life interesting, and he needs the  activity.  Bunnies are somewhat boring pets, mostly  eating  and sleeping and running from you when you  try to  grab them. They get into most their deviltry during the night while you’re asleep.

hurt nose!

hurt nose!

Anyway, my boy-bunny is happy he’s got some company. He loves sniffing her cage and scenting it with the side of his mouth. He does it so much his nose rubs pink and looks kind of raw. If he keeps doing this I am going to have to put him back in his cage! Since I am a dude and my boy bunny is a guy, I kind of play favorites between he and the girls. I let him run around a lot, but if he keeps being dumb and hurts himself, I will have to say, “Boy Bunny! No!” and put him in lockdown until he cools off! Yikes.

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