My father

Bunny Trails is my sanctuary for “micro-politics”. Though my anguish is  heartfelt regarding the demise of Christendom; the near, irreversible PC trends occurring within (and effected sadly by) both church and state; I still reserve personal beliefs and lifestyle for myself. Bunny Trails is where I can share a quiet politics of family, land, prayer, and work.

Many think us insufficiently Anglican, nonetheless we are a 1928 Prayer Book family (perhaps typical of laics). You will find nothing profound here but a journal of stewardship, even love. 

My theological views (especially view of worship), along with links and comments, may be found at Anglican Rose and elsewhere. 


  1. Victoria said,

    I wish I’d been resourceful enough to do some flowerpot gardening while we’ve lived in an apartment. Now we’re moving to flyover country next month, and hoping to start working towards being self-sustaining, but I don’t even have much experience with houseplants, let alone gardening.

    • chapelmouse said,

      Thanks for writing Victoria. When we next get together (over omletes?) I can give you some advice. It’s easy but time-consuming. As in all things there is a lot of prep-time and planning. Living in a warm climate like CA makes life much more forgiving. Farms are scary. Victory gardens like mine are much more fun. Whatever you manage to grow cuts supermarket costs.

  2. Peter Escalante said,


    I can’t find an email contact for you on any of your blogs, but would like to correspond off-forum about Anglican tradition; I am very impressed by your command of it. Please write to the email address I’ve entered in the register here. I live in the Bay Area, by the way, and am something of an urban gardener- we could talk about seasons and planting as much as old coronation rites!


    • chapelmouse said,

      Thank you Peter! Yes, I fired an email your way. Hope to hear from you soon.

      God Bless.

  3. James Pressley said,


    I am currently a member of a Reformed Presbyterian Church in the US congregation but my wife and kids and I have been attending thru providential (or economic however someone wishes to see it) a Anglican Catholic Church and a LCMS CHurch over the last 2 months.

    If you could send me an email at kiltedpresbyterian@gmail.com I would LOVE to ask you a few questions.

    I am shocked that I now find myself more at home with confessional Catholics and the Classical Anglicans than my former Presbyterian friends. IN these times I feel much more loved and feel more concern in the ACC and LCMS than I do in a church where I have been a member for some time.

    • Charles said,

      Hi James,
      Shot you an email. Will be interested in hearing from you soon.

      God Bless

  4. Lois said,

    Thank you for the wonderful visit, and conversation. I always learn from you.. Thank you for all you do.

    God bless you and Amanda, and wish you every happiness.

  5. Michael Sites said,

    Congratulations to you and Amanda.

  6. maurice duQuesnay said,

    I am writing an article on the influence of William Temple on T.S. Eliot’s ” Burnt Norton.”
    I would like to find out where, specifically where, both Eliot and Temple formulated an an agender calling for the “intellectual elite.” This was pointed out by a fascinating letter signatured as Charles.

    • Charles said,

      Dear Maurice,
      This probably was something I posted at my other blog, Anglican Rose. While you probably know more than myself, the idea of an ‘intellectual elite’ guiding culture was part of the liberal catholic project reconciling modern, urban, and socialist ideas to christian ethos. I believe they were trying to restore an ‘estate structure’ where the university-church roughly corresponded to the clerical estate. This is a theory also recently propounded by John Milbrank’s Radical Orthodoxy, also CofE. The liberal catholic’s ‘incarnation’ politics aimed to reconsecrate western society,and in the process they often made strange allies amongst socialist intellectuals and other other allegedly democratic personalities. This is very different from the revanche traditionalism of Rome at the time. I don’t have the primary texts at my disposal, but they would be found in a collection of papers published under the “moot group”. The $ prohibited me from buying them. Blessings with your research, and please share in the future.

  7. Daniel J. Sparks said,

    Charles, I’d like to contact you by email but don’t seem to find a link. Will you please email me a note with a way to get in touch with you?

  8. Penitent Presbyterian | River Thames Beach Party said,

    […] My wife and I continue to be associated with the UECNA, and do what we can to give the UECNA a presence in the San Jose and South Bay areas, Lord willing. I served as a lay-reader for one-year but could not give complete assent to the 39 articles, as required by the UE, to honestly continue. In our time spent in the Continuum, it’s apparent we’ve gone down the candlestick rather than up, allowing full-circle return to certain Puritan affections. Regardless of my degree of confessional assent, my family keeps the 1928 BCP, without Missal, which seems Anglican enough.  […]

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